new pdf patterns in the shop:

sunshine tunic & dress $4.5

casual chic top $4.5

though it’s not really bed head because it always looks like this.

look at my little baby. i mean toddler..ahem, little girl. as in, stop getting bigger with every passing day. i’m not ready for you to grow up yet.  (and yes it’s totally giving me baby fever.)

…you make lemonade! really, really good lemonade.

a bit of agave gives it the perfect hint of florally sweetness

and summer has begun.

bountiful baskets

rare, rainy june days

new apartments

an ever expanding fabric stash

ava’s sweet face

one more reason why i love our new little apartment oh so much: there is a bountiful baskets location a mile down the road, with a lovely pickup time of 8 o’clock.

this week’s basket includes ($15):

2 celery bunches

1 bunch red grapes

1 cantaloupe

1 coconut

1 – 2 lbs green beans

2 heads broccoli

4 tomatoes

9 gala apples

8 apricots

and because a nice woman didn’t want her bananas or red potatoes:

30 bananas (thirty!)

25 red potatoes

i also went ahead and ordered a bread basket and a mexican bag. both were worth well more than the price.

bread basket ($10):

5 loaves 9-grain bread

mexican bag ($7.50):

8 green chiles

4 jalapeno

4 avocado

6 limes

2 onions

1 bunch cilantro

14 tomatillos

2 bulbs garlic

1 bunch scallion

all of this produce and bread for a grand total of….. $32.50. let’s call it $16.25 spent per week on produce and bread. let’s also call it a super deal.

i’ve frozen 4 loaves of the bread and i plan on freezing nearly all of the bananas once they ripen. i am not sure what i will do with the coconut, but it’ll be interesting, to say the least. i also have a large bag of lemons and a similarly large bag of grapefruit from my grandparent’s trees that will most likely be made into some sort of juice (that is, after i freeze plenty of the lemon juice).

new apartments

light summer meals

family bonds

everything ikea

ice cold blue moon

does running count if you always get frozen yogurt afterwards?

deactivated facebook accounts


evening family whole foods runs


now that i’m kind of a sewing fiend and all, i need an actual pincushion to stash all of my needles. inspired by something i found a while back, i put this one together this afternoon. it wouldn’t be a wip if i’d stop procrastinating and just buy the damn fiber fill already. maybe tomorrow.